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"Lyrichord has reissued this 1985 Spectrum LP and if offers a good chance to hear some of Dvorak's less familiar songs. ...These are very good singers and a pianist presenting excellent readings that convey the fervor of these fine and less often heard songs. The sound is clear and balanced"

Lyrichord Classical proudly presents a spectacular collection of rarely-heard nineteenth century love songs and folk duets and trios by Antonin Dvorak, performed by mezzo-soprano Katherine Ciesinski, tenor Grayson Hirst and bass-baritone John Ostendorf. The songs, accompanied by pianist Rudolph Palmer, are all sung in their original languages which include Czech, German and Russian, and were originally released as a Spectrum LP in the mid 1980s to enormous acclaim. Some of this beautiful literature has never been recorded, before or since. This is Dvorak at his most expressive.

This album was conceived and recorded in 1985 for Daniel Nimetz' Spectrum Records and was released as an analog LP. Some of New York's finest musical people were enthusiastic and lent their support: George Jellinek, long-time music director of WQXR and the host of "The Vocal Scene," wrote notes and gave advice. Musicologist Barbara Hampton Renton helped assemble the repertoire. The glorious Yveta Graff served as fairy godmother to the project, patiently coaching us singers in the Czech, keeping us motivated and even supplying the cover art from a 19th century Czech painting (Jméno Uprka, Od Keréj, "The Choice"), hanging in the living room of her glamorous Park Avenue apartment, where she put us through our paces before we went off to Merkin Hall to record. I sang often with colleagues Kathy Ciesinski and Grayson Hirst and over the years have collaborated happily and often with the wonderfully talented Rudy Palmer. We're all grateful to Nick Fritsch for bringing it to life again on Lyrichord.
John Ostendorf

JOHN OSTENDORF, bass baritone

Katherine Ciesinski, John Ostendorf
1. Das Madchen/The Maiden - 2:36
2. Pripamatovani/The Warning - 3:26
3. Vyklad Znameni/The Garden - 1:07
4. Kein Entrinnen/No Escape - 1:45

V NARODNIM TONU/ Folk Tunes, Op. 73
Grayson Hirst
5. Dobru noc /The Lullaby - 2:43
6. Zalo Dievca/ The Mower - 2:01
7. Ach, Neni tu/The Lament - 4:39
8. Ej, Mam Ja /The Horseman - 1:45

VIER LIEDER/ Four Songs, Op. 82
Katherine Ciesinski
9. Lasst Mich Allein/Leave Me Alone - 2:57
10. Die Stickerin/The Embroideress - 2:25
11. Fruhling /Springtime - 1:28
12. Am Bache/At the Stream - 1:08

PISNE MILOSTNE/ Love Songs, Op. 83
John Ostendorf
13. O Nasi Lasce/About Our Love - 1:51
14. V Tak Mnohém/From the Heart - 2:30
15. Kol Domu/The House - 1:19
16. Ja Vim/Hope - 2:44
17. Nad Krajem Vevodi/The May Night - 1:48
18. Zde V Lese U Potoka/By the Stream - 2:13
19. V Te Sladke Moci/The Enchantment - 2:05
20. O Duse Drahá/The Singing Swan - 2:12

21. DETSKA PISEN/Children's Song - 1:24
Katherine Ciesinski, Grayson Hirst

Ciesinski, Hirst, Ostendorf
22. The Birch Tree - 1:33
23. The Country Duckling - 2:55
24. Cherry Trees - 2:06


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