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World Meditation II: One Full Week's Daily Meditations from Around the World - <font color="bf0606"><i>DOWNLOAD ONLY</i></font> LYR-6015

World Meditation II: One Full Week's Daily Meditations from Around the World - DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-6015

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In 1998, Lyrichord released a completely unique collection that combined mankind’s deepest musical traditions with the power of personal daily meditation. It became the label’s most popular release ever. Now thirteen years later, Lyrichord has once again scoured its vast World and Early music catalogs and distilled some of the most powerful meditation music created by the human race in the last 2000 years. This unique collection includes a full week’s worth of seven separate, ten-minute transcendental music backgrounds that have been specially enhanced and edited to maximum effect and potency when used for with daily meditation sessions. Meditations included are from Vietnam, Greece, Basque Spain, China, Madagascar, Medieval France and Thailand.

These seven Meditations are designed to maximize the potential for inner serenity and calm during the meditation session, and assist in obtaining a more fully realized “inner journey” through meditation


1 Vietnam Meditation (Vietnamese Traditional) 10:01
2 Basque Women’s Choir Meditation (Basque Women’s Choir) 10:28
3 China: Lotus Lantern Meditation (The Chinese Classical Orchestra) 10:26
4 Madagascar Meditation (Rola Gamana GAMANA) 10:23
5 Chants from the Greek Orthodox Liturgy (Greek Orthodox Choir) 10:37
6 Meditation Chants from Notre Dame (Chant du Notre Dame) 9:55
7 Thailand Meditation (Thai Ranat Players) 10:26

The Meditations

1. Vietnam Meditation
The ancient Vietnamese Dan Tranh (earliest references to this instrument date from 206 b.c.), is one of the most sonorous and expressive on earth. The player’s ability to bend and vibrate notes, at times, gives this instrument an emotional quality reminiscent of the human voice. Perfect for morning meditation.

2. Basque Women’s Choir Meditation
It is thought that the Basques may be descendants of the earliest inhabitants of Western Europe.  Their language predates those of all other Indo-Europeans. The choral songs of the Basques still possess a powerful, otherworldly aspect, like those of almost no other region, with the possible exception of the extraordinary voices of the Bulgarian and Estonian women’s choirs. This powerful chant meditation springs from deep within the collective soul of an ancient people.

3. China: Lotus Lantern Meditation
The history, civilization, and influence of ancient China is legendary. The oldest references to meditative practices of Taoist China date from the 6th to 5th centuries BC. This meditation is based on phrases from the Chinese classical orchestral piece, “Lotus Lantern”. The lotus flower traditionally symbolizes the virtues of the Chinese scholar.

4. Madagascar Meditation
A spirited, rhythmic meditation based on phrases written and performed by the great Malagassy musician, Rola Gamana, and his musical group Gamana featured on the Lyrichord album, “La Marija”. This meditation employs traditional rhythm and chant as powerful, near trance-inducing elements of repetition. An excellent accompaniment for physical workout, as well as stationary meditation.
Original Song “Tromakitrake”, composed Rola Gamana, Used with permission. Check out Rola Gamana on My Space

5. Chants from the Greek Orthodox Liturgy
The sacred chants of Greek Orthodox services are rooted in the ancient Byzantine chants that were first formalized after the founding of Constantinople in 328 A.D. Music in the Byzantine church grew from a blend of Asian, Roman, Hebraic and Early Christian cultures, which combined to create a sublime form of devotional chant that is as international in its origins, as it is ancient in its tradition.

6. Meditation Chants from Notre Dame
Over eight centuries have passed since Maurice de Sully, Bishop of Paris, began the construction of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Even today, the Nortre Dame is considered to be one of the most magnificent centers of worship ever erected. Around 1160 AD, these traditional meditative chants were included in some of the earliest music to have been performed by composer Leoninus in the newly constructed Cathedral.

7. Thailand Meditation
The sound of Thai music is characterized by certain instruments such as the wooden xylophone (ranat), played in this piece, above a mounting drone, which repeats the same phrases in ever-increasing cycles of rhythm and tempo. By employing this highly percussive sound, this meditation creates an aural experience that is more like reclining under the rush of small waterfall, than being carried down a river by a gentle current.

All arrangements ©2011 P.N.Fritsch

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