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Downbeat critics' and readers' poll award-winner, Guilherme Franco plays the traditional music of the Capoeira - the legendary Afro-Brazilian art form which originated secretly by rebellious African slaves brought to Brazil centuries ago by the Portuguese. The intense Capoeira is part dance, part martial-art, part mystic chant-trance, and its distinctive music has only recently become known around the world as an irresistible mix of Afro-Brazilian culture expressed in music.

Brazilian percussionist Guilherme Franco (who has appeared on numerous albums with jazz greats such as Keith Jarrett, McCoy Tyner, and Airto Moreira), plays the berimbau, the metal stringed percussion instrument that is the heart of the Capoeira. He learned Capoeira from Brazil's great masters, and brings the excitement, mystery and primal "funk" of this great tradition to CD for the first time. This recording incorporates Berimbau, Double Berimbau (Franco's own innovation), Congas, Agogo, Surdo, other instruments and chants. Produced by Jorge Alfano.

1. Sou Da Mina Do Sante - 3:45
2. Juna - 3:43
3. Juna Verdadeira - 4:16
4. Batida Nova Rapida - 3:26
5. Sao Bento Pequeno - 4:03
6. Parana U E Chant - 3:53
7. Jogo Praticado - 4:06
8. Sao Bento Grande - 4:06
9. Juna Ocarina (Alfano) - 4:59
10. Berimbau in 6/8 - 5:10
11. Double Berimbau Solo (Franco) - 3:03
12. Capoeira Chant Medley - 5:59
13. Bahiano Chant - 4:38
14. Pombagira Chant - 3:48
15. My Beat (Franco) - 2:43
16. Electric Berimbau Jungle - 3:05
17. Berimbau Solo - 5:19

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