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Indonesia: Jegog, The Rhythmic Power of Bamboo MCM-3012

Indonesia: Jegog, The Rhythmic Power of Bamboo MCM-3012

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Jegog ensembles are unique to Jembrana, a rural district in the Northwest of Bali, and nearly always are comprised of non-professional musicians. Created around the turn of the century, Jegog accompanies buffalo races, alerts villagers to community work, and entertains audiences on special occasions. These recordings from 1995 feature Jayus' ensemble, the only Jegog group to survive the 1974 Jembrana earthquake. Experience the incredible rhythmic structures and power of this 14-piece ensemble playing in the traditional manner, solely on bamboo instruments.

4 tracks, 67 minutes. Recorded by Martin Ramstedt of the Institute for Ethnology and Africanistics, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich.

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Trungtungan  [insert buy link]

Jalak Putih  [insert buy link]

Barongan  [insert buy link]

Gopala  [insert buy link]

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