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Earlier this year, a group of 150 Chinese monks from the mainland and Taiwan returned to Beijing, upon the conclusion of a six city world tour, in which they performed to packed houses and generated some of the most enthusiastic press reviews since the medieval "Chant" phenomenon swept Europe and America. Lyrichord is proud to issue a seminal recording on CD, produced and recorded by the late John Levy; one of the most celebrated ethnomusicologist to ever record the traditional music of Asia. Levy set his microphones in the Precious Lotus and the Good Fortune Monasteries in Lan Tao Island, Hong Kong, as well as other Holy shrines, to document these striking, ethereal chants and instruments and the ancient rituals that stretch from dawn to dusk.
Includes Levy's detailed liner notes and photographs.

1. Waking the Monks - 2:19
2. From Morning Service - 3:17
3. Reciting Names of the Buddhas, with large bell - 2:18 (Good-Fortune Monastery, Tapei)
4. Fan-pai, Solo Chant, two hymns - 7:04
5. From Morning Service - Nuns - 4:04 (Dragon Mountain Temple, Taipei)
6. Pei-Tou Litergy (from the Great Bear Liturgy) - 4:59
7. Fan-pai, solo chant, from the Hua-yen Tzu-mu liturgy - 8:38 (Bamboo-groove Meditation Temple)
8. Shui-Lu Fa-Hux From the Requiem Mass - 1:26
9. Shui-Lu Fa-Hux From the Requiem Mass - 2:30
10.(A & B) Ch'ing - Ming (Ceremony at Graves of Ancestors) - 2:28 & 1:49
11., 12. & 13. Ch’ac-Tu Wang-Hun - Private Requiem Mass - 2:24, 4:52, 2:22


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