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Music for the Musical Clock - Beethoven - Haydn - Mozart - <font color="bf0606"><i>DOWNLOAD ONLY</i></font> LYR-6018

Music for the Musical Clock - Beethoven - Haydn - Mozart - DOWNLOAD ONLY LYR-6018

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Felix Skowronek, Flute - James Caldwell, Oboe - William McColl, Clarinet - Robert Bonnevie, Horn - Arthur Grossman, Bassoon

Review 10/2013:

"If you enjoy Mozart’s Wind Serenades, you should enjoy this collection; the arrangements are skillful, the performances attractive and the recordings newly spruced up and sounding fresh in these new transfers, ... Failing the reconstruction of the Esterházy clocks, this will do nicely"

Brian Wilson
MusicWeb International

Lyrichord is proud to reissue one of three classic recordings by the legendary Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet - an ensemble formally established in 1960 in conjunction with Pablo Casals as the resident wind quintet of his new Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music. The quintet featured some of the most experienced and talented wind players to be found anywhere in the world, and the group had the fortune to be able to tour and record for the next 41 years. “The Musical Clock” is their first Lyrichord recording, which features arrangements by flautist Felix Skowronek (Beethoven and Haydn: tracks 1 thru 9) and Wolfgang Sebastian Meyer (Mozart tracks 10, 11 & 12) of works originally composed for mechanical barrel-organ by Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart . Soni Ventorum’s absolute artistry both as individuals and as ensemble players, is clearly evident from the first note of this remarkable collection. Updated liner notes on pdf.


01. Allegro in G Major (Beethoven, arr. Felix Skowronek)

02. Menuett (Beethoven, arr. Felix Skowronek)

03. Adagio (Beethoven, arr. Felix Skowronek)

04. Scherzo (Beethoven, arr. Felix Skowronek)

05. Allegro (Beethoven, arr. Felix Skowronek)

06. #19 Allegretto, #20 Andante, #21 Vivace (Haydn, arr. Felix Skowronek)

07. #22 Menuett, #23 Allegro ma non Troppo, #24 Fugue (Haydn, arr. Felix Skowronek)

08. #25 Marche, #26 Andante, #27 Allegretto, #28 Allegro (Haydn, arr. Felix Skowronek)

09. #29 Menuett, #30 Presto #31 Allegretto #32 Allegro (Haydn, arr. Felix Skowronek)

10. Adagio and Allegro -Fantasy in F Minor KV 594 (Mozart, arr. Wolfgang Sebastian)

11. Fantasy in F Minor KV 608 (Mozart, arr. Wolfgang Sebastian)

12. Andante in F Major KV 616 (Mozart, arr. Wolfgang Sebastian)

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