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Liberia: Sùkú, The Music of Vai Islam MCM-3026

Liberia: Sùkú, The Music of Vai Islam MCM-3026

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For the Vai people of Liberia, the word sùkú encompasses a large repertoire of "songs" related to the practice of Islam. Their day begins with the call-to-prayer and ends with the evening prayer and songs. Ethnomusicologist Lester Monts has gathered, in these field recordings, a wide range of the musical expressions of the Vai people's Islamic faith, and has written comprehensive notes about these recordings and the Vai people and are included on a PDF file on this enhanced CD. These notes, along with maps, graphs, and many color photographs may be printed out or read directly on the computer. 

Listen to Samples

Adhan (Call to Prayer)

kalake Qur'anic Recitation

Suku English/Arabic School

Sacrificial Rice-Pounding Suku

Islamic Topical Song

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