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Separated from China and India by mountains, the Tibetans of Mongol descent have lived in isolation. Though Buddhists since the 7th century, their religion has evolved uniquely. Here Lamas and Monks of the four Great Orders have been recorded on location in border regions outside Tibet where they've fled persecution. Chanting and instrumental music, and choral orchestral services are explained in accompanying notes. 5 ensemble recordings.

Chanted and played by 76 Lamas and Monks with long trumpets, shawms, cymbals, drums and other Tibetan instruments in sacred temples. Peter Crosley-Holland

1. Offering to the Savior Gompo - performed by Gelugpa Order - 10:00
2. Invocations of Gompo - performed by Kagyupa Order - 2:35
3. A Buddhist Prayer - performed by Gelugpa Order - 8:34
4. Offering to the Guru Drakmar - performed by Nyingmapa Order - 6:10
5. Glorification of the Past Buddha - performed by Sakyapi Order - 18:40

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